a pool day! with a whole gaggle of greeks!

I know that I shouldn't say such things, but I feel as if my summer is already getting away from me. How is it almost July? I mean, rude! I have a running list of things I want to do this summer and I've been working my way through it, filling up each and every day with as much as I possibly can. And as you can imagine, big giant pool days with my family are at the top of that list. Thankfully this past Sunday the weather cooperated and almost everyone could make it (which is saying something) and a pool day was had!
We ate a lot of good food and had a lot of epic water gun battles and the biggest treat was that my father came in his bathing suit! It's a rare event to be sure and one he definitely took advantage of, as did the kids. Fiona the Flamingo got a lot of action and there was a whole lot of baby cuddles. See also good drinks and the kids playing school for quite some time down by the playset. I'm just so glad that we have this pool! I kept looking at it on this day saying what on earth would we all be doing right now if this wasn't here?! A whole bag of nothing, that's what.

And! Now on to the whole Greek portion of my post title. It is universally accepted in my family that my father is Italian. His great-grandparents/grandparents? From Sicily. We know which port they left from and we know that they came on through Ellis Island. Giuseppe and Letteria found each other and wala. More Italians were born stateside. Now I'm sure you have heard of this whole DNA/Genetic testing craze that's been happening (Matt had it done awhile back and that is an entirely other post that I should get around to writing)? Well my uncle had it done and... weren't we surprised to discover that he had a very little Italian in him and a whole lot of Greek! My dad just had to get it done at this point and.... Not a single ounce of Italian came back in the report!! So apparently.... we. are. Greek! (!!!!!!) Don't you worry, my own kit is coming (I find this stuff fascinating) but I surely cannot have Italian when my father does not!! Identity crisis at it's finest!! Somewhere along the line of course some Greeks moved to Sicily and became Italians just like Letteria and her future in-laws left Italy and became Americans.... and well there you have it. Hello I'm Laurie and I am Greek.

My children have started saying  "opa!" every time they see my father and we are all going to venture more into Greek cuisine. All this to say.... When we got my father's results that husband of mine (with the help of Dominic) went and drew a huge Greek flag on a piece of drafting paper and hung it on our front door for the day of the pool party. He's such a gas isn't he?