a final party as room mom

Last Friday was my last time being Room Mom for Miss Letty. This whole Room Mom thing sure was a lot more than I understood it to be when I agreed to do it, but I think we've done alright just the same. Yeah sure I forgot to have someone bring drinks in for this final party but hey. No first grader complained so I figure we are all set there...
I went for an ice cream theme... A craft and two games and called it good. I figured they would really be all about that ice cream. Matt had some free time and decided he would like to surprise Letty and show up to the party which also meant Dom would be coming along.... And much to my surprise he did just fine (minus a few stink eyes to the adults in the room of course). We also had a few aides stop in shock in the hall because oh my! A little tan David! So surprise, surprise Letty! Having a daddy and a little brother come in is a hot commodity! Their student teacher was also there from the winter so surprises all around!

I am fully expecting (hoping) David to also have the same teacher next year so I'm all like yeah Mrs. Kocot see you again in the fall! All in my mind of course. I think David and I will be crushed if it turns out to not be that way! She has been such an advocate of Letty's this year and she really has just helped us out so much! The work these teachers do always astounds me. She's made this transition so much easier with her sweet kind words and a genuine love of Letty... So like I said I will be crushed if David turns up with a different first grade teacher... All that to say it's been such a great year and teachers are heroes and all of that!