a disappointment on a sunday

Sunday was supposed to rain but thankfully it was just cloudy... And Sunday was when I thought an epic parade was going to be that we typically hit up every MDW. Well I totally was wrong about the parade and the weather changed it's mind and people. We had no plans other than a birthday party for Letty's friend later in the day. This cannot happen. Not on a holiday weekend. Oh and it was too cold to swim. Sigh. Enter the Flavor Fest at the Renaissance Faire right up the road. Free admission and you just purchase a glass and have all the free wine tastings you want. Plus things for kids! How can this go wrong?
Well quite a lot, apparently. Matt had packed the kid's lunches (thank you Matt!) but I mistakenly took that to mean he packed the lunch in the diaper bag. Which he did not... I had my hands full of things like sippies and a birthday gift and neglected to confirm and you can imagine the horror when we arrive at the festival and I realize not only do I not have diapers but I don't have my camera or worst of all, my wallet. I keep it all in my diaper bag. They card every single soul walking in there whether you are 21 or 90. Literally every soul. I almost shed a tear.  Matt wanted to drive home and get it but I didn't think it was worth the fifteen minute drive each way. So we soldiered on while I pouted. However, Matt, who got the glass, didn't even get a single tasting in. The lines were so long at every station. So we did a few of the crafts for the kids and walked around and ate the aforementioned packed lunch and then left.
No I didn't stomp on the way out. Not one single stomp.