kids camp, otherwise known as modern vbs

Last week was our church's Kids Camp. Which is what the cool kids are doing these days. It's basically Vacation Bible School but different. It's only school aged kids, for one, which I know some churches do take younger kids? But not this one, sorry Dom, you gotta sit this one out. At Kids Camp the kids get to pick a "track" that they want to do for the week. Sports, art, music, drama or dance. They each got a certain color shirt to designate which track they were on too which made it super super easy for a leader such as yours truly, who was with Letty, doing the art track. Now we all missed the first day which I know, shame on me, but we had just returned from the beach and: laundry. But we sure made it the rest of the week! With the typical development crew!

a pool day! with a whole gaggle of greeks!

I know that I shouldn't say such things, but I feel as if my summer is already getting away from me. How is it almost July? I mean, rude! I have a running list of things I want to do this summer and I've been working my way through it, filling up each and every day with as much as I possibly can. And as you can imagine, big giant pool days with my family are at the top of that list. Thankfully this past Sunday the weather cooperated and almost everyone could make it (which is saying something) and a pool day was had!

cherry picking time

It's just a little hard to believe that we have been going to this farm for six straight years now, picking those same cherries from those same trees.... They may be the same but we certainly have grown during the years! Looking through prior posts and seeing bellies grow and babies grow it just get's me a bit as I'm sure you can imagine... Anyways! Cherry picking season started! It's normally a pretty short season and so my sister-in-law tend to jump on it the second Cherry Hill Orchards posts that they are ripe. Day one! We are there!

a quick last day down at the shore...

Our last day the beach was a shorter one, as last days can go. We all felt like the sun wasn't the best idea for a fourth day in a row and we had things we could get done at home and so we left by lunch. But not before another quick swim! And goodbye hugs all around! We are so thankful to Uncle Glenn and Aunt Sue for hosting us and always showing us a good time and for being so so good with our kids! They were so sad leaving! It's a good thing we are coming back in a few weeks!

our father's day

Matt's dream life would be living barefoot, rocking nothing but board shorts and a tank top. And somehow he has enlisted the boys in this endeavor. If I don't pick a tank top out for them to wear they get seriously upset, as I said on Friday. In fact I'm quite certain that Dom didn't wear a shirt or shoes for most of the weekend. Living the dream, that tan tan baby.

the chillest air show around!

So, the main event! The air show! We were all just so excited for this! Matt more than anyone. He knew what planes were coming and when and all of that. We left the house bright and early on Uncle Glenn's pontoon boat (10:30) and headed down the bay to this cove type situation for our viewing pleasure. The boys were rocking their tank tops which! They want nothing else in life but their tank tops. David especially. Git ya tank top on. Said in his very best Australian impersonation. Dom fell asleep almost right away on my lap which is always welcome and took the edge off of what was the start of a nasty cold. We brought a ton of food, although not enough, some guy had a grill on his boat, rude! We had tubes and sunscreen and music and anchors away! 

the beach, the first day

We just got back this Monday from a little jaunt down to Ocean City, Maryland, having spent the weekend with Matt's aunt and uncle. There was a reason for the visit, the air show, but more on that later as one does. We arrived late Thursday night per a suggestion from Uncle Glenn in order to avoid the traffic and I'm just so glad we did that. We then had a nice full day just enjoying it all on Friday. First at the pool and then after loading ourselves down like pack mules, at the beach.

family farm days

It's the start of summer staple! Drag the kids to Oregon Dairy. Ride the tractor through the dairy barns. Do the scavenger hunt and pet some animals. Sample some chocolate milk and some ice cream. It doesn't get much better! Minus the enormous crowds. That can go bye bye. I lost both boys for a few seconds (felt like hours) and I basically had a heart attack. So much so that a random stranger asked me if I was alright. Sure lady, I'm fine, just lost track of two of my kids and I figured that was the end of me. But I'm good now. But most importantly, my mama is back from Austria! Yaaay!

the first two days of summer vacation

The second school was over it was like full on party party party around these parts. We met the kids at the bus stop with loaded water guns and water balloons and it only went uphill from there (once I got Letty to stop crying about how she will miss her teacher that is). The kids wanted Panera Bread for lunch, so, yes. After that we met friends of ours for a little hike and then that turned into ice cream that then turned into a swim date. See also then dinner at my sister's with some park time! And we didn't have to rush out for bed times! That's how things roll around these parts I suppose.

an olsen swim

Even as I typed that title I didn't realize that there are barely any photos from this day of my niece and nephew... Sam's there, for sure, playing ball with his cousins. Future ball players, assemble! Anyways.  Last weekend we had the Olsens over for some swim time and the rain stayed away and it was just a great day to float and let the skin soak in all that glorious vitamin D!

water park!

We finally braved it and made it to Hersheypark's water park! It's always an overwhelming undertaking. The packing and the prep and the oh my is Dom going to have an explosion in his Charlie Banana because we all know that boy cares zero for any potty training discussion... And we have a pool so why bother, right? Well with my parents gallivanting around Austria (yes, I know, I'm shocked too) we just put on our big girl pants and went with it. Water park it was.

a final party as room mom

Last Friday was my last time being Room Mom for Miss Letty. This whole Room Mom thing sure was a lot more than I understood it to be when I agreed to do it, but I think we've done alright just the same. Yeah sure I forgot to have someone bring drinks in for this final party but hey. No first grader complained so I figure we are all set there...

kindergarten and first grade. a year completed.

Oh it's here! Yes and finally! Of course though it always seems to have been over in just a blink and a half and that makes me sort of panicky! Time going by and all that stuff I am always lamenting... But as days do they come whether you are ready or not (we so were) and yesterday was their last day of school. A half day just full of fun and excitement. They got to go to their future classrooms and meet their future teachers and see their future class mates... You can be sure I grilled them all about that. 

kindergarten graduation

This event is everything. We have been so blessed to have this teacher in our lives for two years now and I just don't know what we will do without her! Ms. Carino! You are the best! If not for the millions of ways she is amazing during the school year this event alone deems it so. She has the room decorated, snacks and coffee prepared... All the aides and special teachers and principals and other staff that interacted with our kids are set to stop on by during the party... there is a slideshow of photos from the year!! She also made sure to thank all the mom volunteers from the year and gave us each a mason jar of flowers! I can't! I mean you people who know me know this event is like my love language!!

wrapping things up with a nice little bow

The end of this school year has just been really intense. I look at other moms in awe. The moms who work. The moms who have more than two kids in the school. The moms that have more than two kids in the school and also do sports. Those sports moms the most. I don't know how people keep it all together and keep it straight but I am trying. Between me and my big ole desk calendar we are trying. A for effort? In the past few weeks there have been a few little "ends" if you will that we are just tying right on up! 

culture day field trip

The last field trip of the year but alas, not the last school event! The end of the year is just chock full of fun activities isn't it? Which is great for the kids... but I'd personally just prefer to say, cut the year short before all these shenanigans and let us have a longer summer. Just me?  These are such fun times though for the kids.... Letty's last field trip involved a walk to the high school for their Culture Day.

master bathroom update

This bathroom just has seen so much change. I guess it's still a work in progress if I am to be honest. The shower needs to go and we know that but that's down the road a piece.... The faucets though? They were horrid and they are something we could handle. Now.

memorial day itself

Our Memorial Day wasn't sunny but it wasn't rainy either and I mean, I'll take it! As is becoming tradition with us (we sure love our traditions don't we?) we headed to my brother's house for his town's parade and a bbq! And lots and lots of family time! Just such a patriotic bunch aren't we?

a disappointment on a sunday

Sunday was supposed to rain but thankfully it was just cloudy... And Sunday was when I thought an epic parade was going to be that we typically hit up every MDW. Well I totally was wrong about the parade and the weather changed it's mind and people. We had no plans other than a birthday party for Letty's friend later in the day. This cannot happen. Not on a holiday weekend. Oh and it was too cold to swim. Sigh. Enter the Flavor Fest at the Renaissance Faire right up the road. Free admission and you just purchase a glass and have all the free wine tastings you want. Plus things for kids! How can this go wrong?