updated outdoor lighting

Whoops. I did it again. I saw old fixtures that were in fact not old and I thought well no. Not me anymore. So I took to Shades of Light and found these and the rest is history. And I love them so! Thanks to my dad! Okay and Matt for being the manual labor.

The power washer comes later this month and I cannot wait!!!

Old fixtures can be seen here....



  1. oh i quite like these! i had to click through on the past post bc i forgot what the old ones looked like. who knew?! but they are def more you!

  2. Could you just design a whole townhome for me? Not that I can afford to move into it, but just for kicks and giggles.

  3. they look great!! and oooooh my g, power washing is so exciting. my dad is OBSESSED with his pressure washer. and our 80s house needs it like whoa.

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