the school carnival!

I feel like this was ages ago already.... Time is really messing with me these days. A few weeks back the elementary schools banded together and had a carnival for all the kids. Of course it was raining because for awhile there I'm pretty sure we lived in an Edwardless Forks so they had to move the carnival indoors, to the Farm Show buildings. Only in our town right? My mom came along for the ride because she is a brave brave Nonna. 
There was snacks and face painting, spin art and games, bounce houses and a DJ and friends upon friends upon friends. We couldn't walk a foot without David calling out hello to someone. Friend, aide, teacher, Junior Achievement Leader... I mean you guys, he's going to be in politics I swear it. He's like a little adorable mayor. He doesn't get that from me. His sister though... she does get her gift of forgetting everyone's names from me. I take full credit there. But I digress. We saw so many people we knew my head was spinning. But it's for the kids Vince and they had the very best time. If only they got the chance to dunk their gym teacher in the dunk tank. Next year! Oh and Dom finally allowed face painting! But not on his face. Baby steps.

Last year's carnival here.


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  1. the face painting reminds me of when i had to do that for a charity event allllll day. and while rewarding i'm now triggered. i love how david is just the king of the land. and baby steps for dom! all deadly

    xoxo cheshire kat


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