the planetarium! and an astronaut!

A coworker of my brother's put in for this very large grant in order to refurbish his school's planetarium. Following that? Anyways Matt and I have this thing for the stars and wanting to support we voted daily for this grant to be chosen and.... it was! So of course on opening day we had to go check it out! Even though we don't live in the area or go to the district of course... We got tickets online for the children's show, figuring that would be best for our three. And off we went! 
There was so much for the kids! Face painting, make your own slime, different STEM activities, a bounce house, snacks, door prizes and my favorite, meeting a real live astronaut! I know my kids didn't really "get" it but to meet and talk to a man who was literally in space is just bananas to me! And not once, but twice! He was super friendly and got right down on their level and answered whatever questions they had. Letty wanted to know how many times he was in space and David wanted to know if he rode the rocket. He explained that his missions were in preparation for the International Space Station that was being built, the very one that we look for all year long across our night sky! So so so cool. He told us we have to keep a look out for it this coming weekend as it'll be the best viewing of the year. Yes sir Dr. Crouch! You bet we will!
And then the actual planetarium! It really is such a cool set up and all the things they will be able to do with it! I wish our district had one! We were told all about the plans for its future uses and the different features which really were amazing! The show itself once it started was really hokey but I mean, it was for kids! They loved it and ate it all up. Education and stars and child friendly. What more is there!? Congratulations to my brother's school!!