some updates to our lighting. again.

Can't stop, won't stop. 

I was sitting on the floor at the top of our stairs and Dom was being difficult, refusing to come up to brush his teeth and I put my head back in frustration which put the light fixture directly in my line of vision. That's how it started. And maybe it was my frame of mind from Dom but I looked at it and I said: I hate you. To the light. I love my son, as difficult as he is. But the light. Not my style anymore that's all. I wanted it gone. So I took to the internet and found the Kichler Barrington line at Lowe's. I'll just take them all please! Anyways so while the light at the top of the stairs started it I kept going as I tend to do. The light in the powder room had to go as well! To this:

 And the light that started it all was also the same as in our laundry room so that had to be changed as well...

Of course the master bathroom couldn't go by untouched so it also got a mini update, same fixture as the powder room...
So do we like them? I love them. The seeded glass is huge if you ask me. And now I feel like most of  the fixtures in the house sort of "match" and fit together. Which is as it should be if you ask me. Which you didn't but there you go.

And the before's! Powder room. Top of stairs (old old post but apparently I don't really take photos of that area often). Master bathroom.