so what's new with you?

I have never been more thrilled to see all those Justin Timberlake meme's. You know the ones... It's gonna be May? Oh how thrilling! April really sucked the life out of us. It was cold and rainy and gray and it even snowed and just no. No thank you. May! To the rescue!
Just like every other blue blooded American woman (we all are, aren't we?), I have been loving looking through Joanna's new cookbook! Just like everything else she touches this is pure perfection. The photos are gorgeous and the food all sounds so good! Obviously as Matt and I are trying to be "healthier" so I'm not sure how much of it we can implement in our daily lives but I'm sure we will find something! That peach caprese salad sounds amazing.

In very important news after today the kids only have 27 days of school left! And two of those are half days so! No lunches those days! Only 25 more lunches! I cannot wait for summer vacation and all the "yes" moments! I am so over the routines and the constant activities that come with school. There sure is a lot happening in those next 27 school days though, no mistaking that. But the end is in sight! I feel like this is the final sprint when you see the finish line. I'll be heading into the school for the third time this week tomorrow. It just is what it is!

It turned May and I instantly went to our local flower shop and snatched up all my pretty blooms and put them right on into their pots and assorted flowers beds. I wasted no time. Which I mean, April ruined everything for flowers but warm weather has arrived this week and glory glory hallelujah! Now I just need to carry my hibiscus and palm trees inside and out over the next few days to acclimate them... Ah yes my plant babies! This means a final (for now) deck update will be coming up here soon!

I realize I am probably very late to this train but my sister has been singing Norwex's praises and after she did some research that I just used, I bought a set of e-cloths? Have we heard of them? I'm sort of obsessed with them and it's only been a few days. My sister gave me a Norwex body towel and I love that as well and it has done wonders with Dom's dry skin. I'm not even kidding. Matt thinks we are nuts. How does one organize all these towels though? I need a system. So many towels. So little time.

And as always my newest (to me) Instagram accounts! Ashley, Mallory, Aubrey, and Siobhan.

So what about you all? What is new with you?

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