skate night!

Ah how nostalgic is a skate night am I right? The roller rink hasn't changed since the 70's, if not longer. The music and the disco ball. The creaky old wooden floors and skates you may have worn when you were 14? All of that. In one night. Our church wrapped up our Wednesday night church season with a family skate night. Which naturally, we went to. Not Dom, that poor boy stayed at home with his father and we were all the saner for it. I took David and Letty and a neighborhood friend and off we went! David's first skating experience!

And you just shouldn't compare children right? Last year Letty spent the better part of an hour using me as a crutch and giving me quite the arm work out... But David? He took a few times around the rink and then was like yeah mom, I'm all set I don't need you. And off he went waving to all his friends along the way.

So I spent the majority of the evening benched, counting the three heads I was responsible for along the way. We took a few snack breaks of course, because skating takes a lot out of you!
A super sweet parent gave me flowers as a thank you and I just loved that so much! How nice, right? I love flowers! It's the little things!