That's just what it's called. Race. I mean technically it's the Race for Education but it's just such beast that it becomes just: Race. Dun, dun, dunnnnn. 

Just like last year, the kids send out mailers to family and the sweet and loving supportive family members (thank you!!) send in donations for the PTO. This is a massive undertaking for all. Parents, students, volunteers, teachers, no one walks away untouched by Race. I got a wee (tiny) bit more involved than last year and wow. No joke, this Race. Not to mention that it's nearing the end of school and there is just something happening all  the time. Jam packed activities from here on out people!
Anyways so on Race day I reported in for duty, getting my marker ready to check off laps on the kid's tags. It was a little bit more interesting this year because I had two little ones to try and keep an eye out for. At least they were both in the same group. Next year I won't know what to do with myself. I'll have to pick one! The horror! I made sure to stop by both of their classes and say hello before the race started. And then I spent the next hour grabbing sweaty kids to mark off the lap. Some 700 kids running around in circles on soccer fields. It really must have been a site for those spectators! The kids took a break at some point for Rita's, not David though, he doesn't do Rita's. Crazy kid. After it was all said and done Letty did a little over three miles and David a little under that. And they raised over $24,000 soooooo.... Well done all!
I can't imagine what that school smelled like when all those sweaty kids came inside. Goodness no.