our mother’s day

Mother's Day can be a difficult time for many different people for many different reasons. This past Sunday I woke up just really feeling that... How difficult this day can be for so many people, some extremely close to me. I really tried to focus on the here and now and these lovely humans that I am blessed to raise and my own parents that I am blessed to have. Of course I have a fabulous husband who had the kids make these quite bright and festive stepping stones for my garden on top of taking care of any and all little house chores he could conjure up. Which is saying something because he is always such a major helper. We had a slow morning at home with mimosas (pretty sure Mother's Day mimosas need to be a thing) while we watched the dreary day unfold. That weather just did not want to cooperate. Guess Mother Nature was having a moment....
We all got out of our pajamas eventually and headed to Brick Gables for a buffet lunch with the entire family. Oh the length of a table we require! Although being able to have a conversation with everyone would be nice I sure do love seeing the lot of us together like that! Big families! They are just the very best! The boys once more ate their weight in buttered rolls... While I saved myself for the ice cream. David made sure to hand out multiple bowls of peanut butter ripple looong after I waved the white flag and said I'm full! 
We headed back to my parent's house and spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out and watching the kids play fight and all of that with a side of wine. Just enjoying the fact we were all together. Sometimes life hands you little (and sometimes huge) reminders of how very lucky you are and how very fragile life is. It makes me appreciate what I have been given even more so! Hugs all around people!
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  1. oh hayyyy mothers day best. those sandals tho. also you had a good day i'd say surrounded by those you love - and who love you! life is a fickle bee and no matter how you get those reminders of how precious life is - it's ok. love u!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Dom looks huge in the first pic of you holding him! Haha. Lovely photos :) brick gables looks like such a charming place!

  3. awww, it looks like such a successful day!!!! i love your fam time!! and the stepping stones sound perfect and precious!!


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