our first pool day!

The end of last week, let me tell you! The weather gave me a serious case of summersitus. That's a thing, I'm sure of it. The temperatures were in the 80's, the sun was out, and it just felt like surely this is summer now?! I pushed back homework time and I let the kids stay up a smidge later than usual, playing outside just as long as we could. It just felt wrong to have to prepare for school the next day? Not with temps like that! It's gone by now of course but! It happened! We have the tan lines to prove it!

The pool has been open for I think just over a week with her solar cover on just soaking up those rays and heating up a degree at a time... Kids don't need much though they'll jump in to just about anything (69 degrees to be exact). The excitement was almost too much for them to bear. Luckily we had already planned on the entire family coming over for a BBQ (see aforementioned good weather) so we told all to bring their swimsuits. If they dare. Only a few did.... The kids swam and played on the playground and we all sat outside at the new table and hey! We all fit! At the table! It was wonderful to have all that room to sit! The new set up works!

First pool day. Check. First summer BBQ. Check. Including the entirety of the Trovato clan (17 in number these days!) was just a super duper cool added bonus. I can't wait for more! Matt and I live for these summer pool days!

Of course the good photos are from my sister-in-law. Naturally.