one store to rule all others.

Oh this store. It can take all my money. I honestly could have walked out of there having bought it all. I've never been in a store like that before, that is trouble for me. I can only go back with like, cash from a birthday gift or something. Anyways. I had so many people recently tell me I just had to go to Cocalico Creek. And I was like: meh. Sure, when I get around to it. But the recommendations just kept coming so I finally enlisted my mother and off we went with Dom in tow one Thursday morning.

And it was like Joanna Gaines Herself had been involved in the creation of this store.

The rest is history. If heart eyes could be real I had them. I didn't even mind carting Dom around on my hip for my fourth turn around the store. I had to prioritize which big ticket item I was going to take home and which I would leave there... The struggle is real. But then when I got home I had the happy task of putting all these things in their current home. Which did end up changing some things up. As one does.

What was my haul? Well the above seen boxwood wreaths ($12.99 which I thought was a bargain!), laundry sign, basket, toilette tin, galvanized utensil holder, and the big ticket item which was the table top terrarium. Oh I walked by her like no less than six times and finally convinced myself she had to come home with me! I foresee all sorts of fun holiday decorating  happening with her!
And then Matt had to play the game called, Guess What Your Wife Bought. It was most fun. This post will actually help him notice the wreaths in the bedroom I am sure of it. I can't wait to go back! My birthday can't come soon enough! Okay I'm just kidding there because when that happens that means that the summer is practically over and that cannot happen.