let the memorial day weekend festivities begin!

As we know our Memorial Day Weekends are packed from start to finish with all sorts of fun summer-like activities. And traditionally, that always includes a trip to Hersheypark.
Other than still being unable to get our refill cup (don't even get me started) we had ourselves a nice little visit. It was hot, for sure. And yes, it was crowded... but those crowds were mainly of the school field trip variety and so it didn't really affect us too much with the kiddie rides. Letty got her thrill fix with her now not pregnant Aunt Beth and thank goodness for fun aunts and uncles am I right kids? The kids were so much more independent this year than last, all the cousins being able to go on the rides together and it was just fun to watch, that's all. They don't need us to buckle themselves in these days... bittersweet, for sure.
Because of the aforementioned crowds and heat we didn't stay too long... This of course also meant we had to swing by Troegs. It was Colton's birthday weekend after all. So let's celebrate over and over. After we ate the kids went home and swam and there were s'mores and a fire. Kicking off the holiday weekend right!