gretna glen field trip

Another field trip in the books for this year! This time with Letty's class. I've heard tales of this trip, that it's messy and muddy and if it rains oh Lord help you! Thankfully we had lovely weather for our trip to Gretna Glen, a camp just shy of twenty minutes north. The camp counselors are just those nature loving excited types.... The one who led the initial meeting was amped up on something wild I'll tell you what. I consider myself a morning person but whatever she was taking I want. Yowza.

We had an agenda throughout the day, with our first stop being the pond for some digging. In the mud. With a net. Then sticking your fingers in said muddy net and looking for critters. Wormy critters. Buggy critters. Slimy critters. You can imagine. I'm not really cut out for that but thankfully Letty's wonderful teacher figuratively rolled her sleeves up and dug right in there. Letty joined in a bit but preferred her hands clean thank you very much.
It was the entire first grade so we saw lots of our friends throughout the day. They had a craft where they made a "grass head" out of a nylon and some dirt and seed... The kids learned about animal adaptations and they took a nature hike.... It was a full day! Letty's favorite probably being lunch in the sun on the grass followed by tearing around the playground. And that camp counselor? She was just as excited and full of energy as she was in the morning. God love her.
 And then it was back home again, super tired and dirty and looking forward to a nice long shower...