food truck frenzy

The neighboring town of Lititz not only boasts my older brother as one of it's residents, but also tons of fun events and cool restaurants and the like. Last Friday was their Food Truck Frenzy. Food trucks. In the park. We had done this one in the fall and loved it, so of course we all packed up and went once more. Matt and I are nothing if not punctual so we were naturally there almost an hour prior to start time. There is a playground right there and ducks who are starving for old bread. We also wanted to scope out a table and figure out a plan of attack. Which trucks to go to and so forth.

After letting the kids play and utilize the free bounce house we set up shop. The eating took a good solid hour. Desserts were needed. The only shame was that the Greek food truck was no more. What happened Greeks? Come back! We all took a walk around the town, ending up with coffee before heading home once the crowds got to be too much.
This punctuality thing has it perks.



  1. mmm baby coffee. also this whole thing looks fun. family time! i also want that burger. food truck events are the best

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. No more Greek truck?! Say it ain’t so! The best gyros. Sigh. Wanted to go so badly, but... sickly children :( wonder if they will have another food truck Friday this summer...

  3. So fun!! I love a good food truck event!

  4. oh gosh, send that cupcake truck my way!! i love a good food truck scenario!!! this looks like a blast.


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