daddy daughter dance. the three d's.

There is a first time for everything and this year our elementary school had their first Daddy Daughter Dance. Now to be honest when the paper came home Matt was like, uhm, no. But Letty was just exploding with excitement about it and so of course as Matt does, he agreed to go. Willingly. We picked out her dress and she even put on her little Pixie Dust perfume. Matt got her a rose and took her out to dinner at the location of her choosing which ended up being Eat. And then there was the dance. Matt sent me tons and tons of photos and videos and our little girl did not stop moving! Matt said she was literally bouncing around. He said she was so social and little lady friends just kept popping  up everywhere to say hello.

She said it was the best night of her life and she wants to remember it forever and ever and how sweet is that? I feel like in a lot of ways it makes her seem older, or makes the kids age before their time or something... but on the other hand how wonderful is it for her to have these memories with her daddy and her friends? And hey. A dance where dad is there to supervise? Now that's something I can get behind. Because before you know it? We will be forever banished.