aging american flags and some patriotic decor

I have about a hundred and one of those small American flags they hand out at parades, do you know what I mean? I never throw them out because, American flags. But they are just so bright. I don't want bright. I want aged. Distressed. Who am I? So my mama suggested I "age" them. Mothers. They always know best yes? Now like I said I had about a thousand of them so the thought of dabbing them with scratch remover to "stain" them sounded far too tedious for my quantity over quality mentality.

Enter: tea dyeing. I had done this once before for David and his pirate flag.... So I sort of remembered the process. I took a pitcher of hot water and threw about 8 tea bags in there. Like I've mentioned, I was dyeing about a million flags. They were all rolled up tight like how I store them and so I just plopped them into the tea after I had pressed the tea bags a few dozen times. I let it sit that way over night. Come morning it wasn't quite toned down enough for me. So I added a few drops of stain remover to the water and swished the flags around some more.... letting that set for another hour. I rinsed the flags and laid them out on the deck to dry. Wala! Aged flags! Less "in your face" red white and blue. 

Once they dried I just wandered around the house sticking them into whatever container I saw fit... And now my house is decorated for summer and all the patriotic holidays that come with it. Summer is nigh!