a saturday in lititz and then swimming!

Where oh where did May go? March felt like months long and then once that passed now it's all oh okay, June tomorrow? April and May were just blips. That's all. Back to our weekend of fun! As is becoming tradition we took the kids to Lititz Springs Park and let them tear around for a bit and then the adults go over to the Bullshead. Little fun for them, little fun for us... Plust it was Colton's birthday! Happy day to him!
The park was packed but the kids don't mind that. David even ran into a friend of his from school. The kid knows everyone I tell you what. He gets that from his Uncle T. The kids also took some time to feed the ducks. Bread and pellets alike. We all got a bit terrified when a tire on a jogging stroller exploded... The entire park got eerily quiet as everyone just looked around trying to figure out what exactly that was. Thank goodness the poor kid in said stroller was fine and it was just a tire and not something... else. But after that scare I really wanted a beverage and so off we walked to our favorite pub!
We were all quite hot and looking forward to some pool time after lunch. Us Olsens and our daily dose of swimming! The sun is out? You bet my kids are in the pool! I had the idea to give them Matt's old underwater camera and they just had the best time! Love seeing their little faces!
Had I mentioned it was my brother-in-law's birthday? Well it was and so we all had dinner at my parent's to celebrate. Which involved some of Poppop driving the kiddos around in his glorified golf cart thing. Golf cart on steroids? Whatever it is I don't speak that language... Suffice it to say I remember my very own Poppop taking me on his rider mower and well... Love that my kids will have these memories as well. See also baby cuddles!
Longest day ever over and out!