a quick and easy mantle refresh

It's sort of like the Field of Dreams in a way in this house. If I wish it, Matt will build it. Or something maybe not at all like Field of Dreams? But I mentioned to Matt I wanted an aged wood mantle and like two days later there it was just waiting to be installed. He just got a piece of wood, aged some nails, beat the wood up and stained it and wala! He did attach it to the old mantle with screws but I suppose if you weren't completely ready to make a commitment you could just rest it on top of your existing mantle.

I love quick and easy updates that just warm up a space! And why didn't I think of it sooner?



  1. ok i love that. and who knew that something so small could make such a nice update?! not me.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. After 40 years of life and now 19 Christmas Stockings, our mantle looks like that!

    (I love your quick vintage v.v. much!)

  3. I love switching things up as seasons change!

  4. I just love all your greenery with that wall color! You def have a great eye for style lady!!


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