a party for the budding artist

Letty had the honor of attending her girlfriend's birthday party this past weekend at Big Dream Creative Arts Studio. She's done this once before and if she had her way it would be the place where she too would have her birthday parties. It's just such a cute place and I love everything about it. The programs they offer and the fun whimsical way they have it decorated. It's just the cutest. And they are moving! I am so excited to check out their new location! Yay for local businesses am I right?!
The seven little ladies got to go around to all these different centers set up for their crafting needs. They made a paintbrush, painted on a canvas, decorated a paint can, etc. Letty eats this stuff up. And so does her friend Adalyn apparently. After crafting they went upstairs for hot dogs and popcorn and of course cupcakes! Then presents! I love seeing Letty playing with her little friends! Some day she will tell me to get lost so when she says she prefers me to stay? I mean twist my arm right?
And a happy birthday to Miss Adalyn!