a craft night with the moxie shoppe

Let's see if you can follow this... My brother-in-law's cousin's wife has a shop. The Moxie Shoppe. She had an open house right before Christmas and I was amazed. I could have purchased sooo many things had not my wallet and budgetary needs not denied me. Good for her. Is what I'm saying. She had another open house last weekend and of course I immediately planned on attending. But then she got me to my first ever craft night. I see those things of course.... craft nights with ladies and maybe some wine and I'm always like... no. But this time I had to go and support Sara. And of course I also insisted my sister join me. 

The craft was three terracotta pots painted of course and then planted with various herbs and put into a crate. The finished product can be seen a bit down the page. We painted and then while they dried we went over and checked out her shop. After making our purchases we went back to add the chalkboard label (which I added far too much paint and it's all uneven. Amateur hour over here.) and plant the herbs. I made the mistake of doing two coats of paint so I had to wait to distress the pots till the next morning but I love the way they turned out! Lavender and parsley and basil oh my!

And the real news of the day is I wore jeans. And real shoes. Stop. The. Presses.
It's hard to narrow it down of course when there are just so many lovely items but I managed. Walking away with just a fun tea towel, a super comfy pillow and this I suppose I could call it a candle holder but a pedestal might be more fitting? Pedestal it is. I'm already looking forward to Sara's next open house! If you're local definitely check her out here!