yet another deck update!

Once again, I wish that I could share these images with sunshine and flowers but alas, still not in the cards for us. We got a tease last weekend, to be sure, but that was short lived. We had taken down the sun sail (you can see what that looks like here) during a particularly windy night and well, no sense in putting it back up until the sun decides to return right?

But in the meantime our chairs have arrived and the table has been moved out to the back thanks to the helpful biceps of my brother-in-law. Matt made the table as I may have mentioned before... There are two "compartments" if you will where the table top can be removed (you can sort of see the cut out for fingers to lift it out) and buckets are below that one can fill with ice for all of your assorted summer beverage needs. The chairs can be found on Amazon here. I wanted ten chairs but when it came time to order it the way it all worked out it made more sense to just get another set of four rather than the set of two. Details. So we have twelve chairs which we will use and it's all good. They are stackable so come winter time storing them will be a breeze. I obviously went with the grey here because I just wasn't sure if the aqua would be something I would love year to year. And yes, spray painting would be an option but twelve chairs is a lot to paint. 

Okay so now let's bring the summer weather and let it stay right? We plan on doing lots of yard work and pool prep this coming weekend so maybe if we will it hard enough it will come? Field of Dreams style?