this be back country

Because of the whole pool issue we hadn't planned on doing Luray Caverns as early as we did and so we had some found time. We decided to try driving through the George Washington National Forest. That’s like deep woods back country there. The kind where roads are closed during the winter and you just imagine all work and no play making Jack a dull boy. There was only so many ways out of it (like, two) and I led Matt on quite the excursion to do so but. We survived. One lane gravel roads and steep cliffs and switchback turns not withstanding. 

On the course of this journey I said hey there’s that tower I kept reading about! The Woodstock Tower. Supposedly quite the good spot for a view. You know me and views (obviously). So we pulled over and walked the ten minutes or so on a trail to the base. Three stories. I thought to myself, I can handle that. I did worse  in Gettysburg and at least now I have Matt! For what good he is in nervous situations. But we barely made it up. We did though! And when I saw what stood for a “railing” I said ok! Back down we go kids! I’m fairly certain they just used like soda cans in the flooring too. How that can be safe is beyond me. But apparently it is. Just not for my vertigo. 

All of this mess was rewarded with a playground and then ice cream. For the kids Vince. 
We headed north earlier than we expected, and with tears from Letty of course. She is my daughter after all! The ending of trips, long or short, always has me feeling so forlorn!  But at least we got home before bed time and unpacked and all that. Because I also love to just unpack theverysecond I cross the threshold. 

And now! On to planning the next Good View Expedition!!