so what's new with you?

Well we are all well and good health-wise once more and a thank goodness for that! I am not one to be house bound. I am made to roam! And it's just in time because this week is all chock-a-lock full of activities. Mainly school related. Tomorrow I have to run into the kid's classrooms three separate times.... I wouldn't miss this sort of stuff for the world though!
I am happy to report that Letty loves her reading tutor! She comes over twice a week and Letty is always so sad to see her go. We couldn't be happier. We are also taking some steps with her school  to get her the help she needs there and we feel really good about it! We will get there! She will get there!

I have heard from multiple sources that I need to a) watch Wonder and 2) read the book first. As luck would have it our local library actually had it in stock so I grabbed that on up and so far I love it. Kindness people. Kindness! I think I may actually purchase a copy so we can read it together with the kids. I think it would take us literally forever in library years....

David's parent-teacher conference went just as expected. He's gotten a bit "comfortable" in the classroom and seems to be letting his more boisterous side come out here and there... I suppose that is better than being anxious with the unknown? At least he calms down when reminded. Are anyone else's children like, super loud? I feel like mine must have a hearing problem because they could be sitting right next to each other and they are screaming at each other! Drives us crazy.

I feel like the last person on the plant to see The Greatest Showman but then again I feel like I have watched it so often and listened to the soundtrack so often that basically, I'm the biggest fan. I even made a few post-Easter chalkboards with some quotes from the movie. It's a family favorite to be sure.

Dom somehow found himself on that YouTube channel of that kid Ryan and his family when they go to the Great Wolf Lodge? How that family came up with the idea for their channel is beyond me but they know what they are doing. Dom is obsessed. So I figured he might as well watch our family videos from our time at the Great Wolf Lodge instead. He's sort of okay with it but prefers Ryan. Sigh. You win some you lose some.

Upon recommendations from Kerri and the rest of the world we have started watching Queer Eye on Netflix. It is just such a feel good show and I love it. Jonathan is just so over the top he cracks me up but I think my favorite is Tan! His hair! His accent!They know how to pull on heart strings. Those guys. And speaking of my Floridian Friend she arrives a week from today and yay! Time to start planning all the things! Can't just sit around when she comes to town, oh no!

New Instagram accounts as always, Hannah's yoga moves are bananas and I just can't look away... Among the Wild, Meagan, here locally in Lititz is Slate Cafe and they are killing it with their feed and Edith of course...

So, what is new with all of you?

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What's New With You



  1. Wonder is SUCH a great book, isn't it? I still need to see the movie though.

    I saw The Greatest Showman in theaters twice. lol My mom also bought the soundtrack because it's amazing.


  2. I'M GONNA BE THERE NEXT WEEK. I CANNOT WAIT SO I'M GONNA SCREAM COMMENT ON YOUR PAGE. haha. but really. also i want your nails. should we go get nails when i'm there? i am torn as i type all day. struggle is real.

  3. that's so awesome about Letty and her reading tutor! i adored Wonder and watched the movie recently, so good. KC read it with his 6th grade class and then they went to see the movie and i just think that's so fabulous. i watched the first few episodes of queer eye, though for some reason Tan is my least favourite? i don't know why. i need to finish it. also i still haven't seen The Greatest Showman!

  4. Fellow PA girl here but it has been like 15 years since I've been to Lititz. Slate looks adorable!

    I loved Wonder, I think it would be great to read with the kids.

  5. Reading 'Wonder' definitely made me tear up... I don't think I could handle the movie!

  6. okay time out!!!! we haven't caught up in so long. your bloggy looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! must text asap!!! i'm in bad communication mode, i am so sorry!!! but i have heard wonder is good, too. haven't seen it! we do LOOOVE greatest showman!!! and what else what else... yoga IG accounts get me every time.

  7. I love the new blog design by the way! Wonder is on my list too. Glad to hear things are going well. My sister is still yelling even when we are in the same room. Haha


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