skyline drive

Saturday morning was a bright, clear and sunny day. Perfect for what we had planned: Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. I ran as soon as the kids got up and then we hit up the continental breakfast down in the lobby. Matt only made about sixty-five trips to the buffet so we figure we got more than our money’s worth there. We decided to drive south on the highway and then travel north through the entire park, so we had a bit of a drive first thing. As luck would have it it was National Park Day or some such thing so our entry was free! Oh the fortuitousness! We had packed lunches from home and were prepared to spend the great majority of the sunlight hours driving. And of course stopping at every single overlook. I am only slightly exaggerating. 
This road and these overlooks were exactly what I needed. Wanted? When I said "a view" I got it. And the warm sun just roasting my cheeks about made my day. There was lots of me staring at the mountains happening. The kids just wanted to run and run and never stop. They climbed rocks and that fresh air man. Does a body good! I realize so many of these look so similar but I assure you they are not! Each overlook had such great views how does one narrow it down? And yes, I know I need to get my camera cleaned. It's only been almost four years of me wondering what those orbs are in a picture with the sky... Sigh.

Add to David’s fears? Pit toilets. Letty refused to even use them at all. Not that I blame her!

We didn’t end up spending all day there, just five hours or so. Which is a lot I suppose when three kids are involved who just want to swim! So that’s just what we did before going back out for dinner. 

After we got back from eating we immediately headed back to the pool. And were immediately greeted with Dom’s hysterics about his arms hurting. Which might alarm some people but his hysterics, while fierce, are also very common and so we just sort of tried to calm him down and ignore. This did not work. So we fled the pool and started to notice that he in fact had a reason to be upset. His arms and legs and cheeks were covered with red bumps like a rash. Upon inspection the bigger kids also had said rash just not as bad. We bathed them and took to google. Apparently this can happen in a pool where the chemicals are off or due to a bacteria? Gross. I mean. Super gross. We covered them all in aquaphor and gave them a round of Tylenol before bed. 

Never a dull moment eh?