playing tourist at troegs

Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself why I've never been to this place before? Because when you finally go somewhere and it's just awesome well then you feel a bit silly that you've never enjoyed it before. This was one of those times. Trรถeg's Independent Brewing is right down the road from Hersheypark and was our stop for a later lunch after leaving the crowds. There is a tasting room, a snack bar menu, a self-guided tour and a guided one, crayons and coloring pages for the kids, and lots of good beer too! This place is right up my alley! Family friendly and drinks!

After we ate we did the self-guided tour which was fun for the kids as they could really stretch their little legs. And then we checked out the shop too so Kerri can get all her travel t-shirt needs met!
As always thanks Kerri for the pics!



  1. i was gonna say, those photos look nicceeeee. haha. seriously was just writing that post for next week. that brewery was way better than i thought. huge and loud and so many options! room for activities! def you should go back and then tell me all about it

  2. Oh yes! We do this all the time. We’re like, this is right here in our town, why do we never go? Glad y’all went and enjoyed it. Looks like a neat place. I love the rustic, but kind of industrial vibe. Great pictures!!


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