our weekend!

It's another Monday all! We are here! We had ourselves an unusually busy weekend and I don't hate it! But I'm a big fan of all these activities you know?

We had some change of plans last minute Friday night and my parents decided to bring my kids McDonald's and Matt whipped up some Chinese and well there was cider and we deemed it good!
Saturday we got up bright and early and headed to Home Depot for their Kid's Workshop thing and this month it was out of control! The line! The crowds! It has never been like that and I have to admit a little of the New Yorker in me came out but... The kids had a blast! They made bird houses that they have yet to paint because mama needed to prime some more paint so... Soon. Thank to my sister-in-law for these photos.
Saturday afternoon Letty had a movie date with two of her girlfriends who had never seen The Greatest Showman. There was a ton of candy and popcorn and I had the pleasure of eave's dropping on them singing along. The best.
Sunday was Disney on Ice day.... more to come as I do.... Matt had the boys all day and there was more McDonald's of course. 
We prepped ourselves for the week to come and then we wrapped up our Sunday night watching Paterno. Go out on a happy note right? 

No. Definitely not.

But how was your weekend??



  1. that work shop looks like a blast!!! I got a mani pedi this weekend and volunteered with Pixie as a therapy pet team at a rehab in Lancaster and then a senior living community. Productive weekend!

  2. oh how was paterno? i need to watch. also you had a fun weekend! home depot, little bed bath and beyond. i dunno. haha. also letty's girl date looks super cute! how fun she can bring people over to a big screen :)

  3. Great weekend! I haven't seen The Greatest Showman yet.


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