oh give me views!

I said to Matt a few weeks ago, I want to see vistas! I want mountain views! But I also clarified that I didn’t want to drive too far because this idea of mine had to work for a regular old weekend. You go away once with just your family of five and suddenly you just feel like you can conquer the world!

Matt’s immediate response to me was: Shenandoah. Like he had just been waiting for me all along to suggest another getaway. 
So last Friday after school we loaded up right away into the car and headed in a south westerly direction. And just shy of three hours later we parked said car and unloaded allllll the luggage we seem to require and checked into our hotel in Woodstock, Virginia. The main requirement being: an indoor pool. And also a breakfast of course. And sort of centrally located to all that we had in mind.

We needed sustenance first. So we went to a local joint, the Spring House Tavern. And it was a local joint. One of those really quiet places? Where every head turns to check out this new arrival? That place. But the food was good and the drinks were better and Letty had herself a burger! She’s a huge burger fan apparently. 

After dinner we made good on our pool promise and spent the rest of the evening watching them jump and please stop running and swim some more. 
More to come manana of course!