my floridian friend brought the sun!

And I'm back. Late, but back. I don't believe I have ever taken that long of a break from this space in the five years (!) that I've had this blog! Which also whoops, bad blog mom that I am, I forgot andiamo's birthday! Schade. Five years! Wow!

Okay so this past weekend Kerri, my best friend from college, came up from Florida to visit me and mine. As she tends to do once a year. We also came to the realization this weekend past that we have been friends for half of our lives. That's a pretty long time if I do say so myself. As per the usual when my Floridian Friend comes up here I really try to plan the entire time chock full of activities. Gotta show her a good time, you know? To compensate for the lack of palm trees? Just me?

We had gorgeous weather for two out of the three days she was here so it worked out almost perfectly! She brought the sun! Thank you Kerri! Friday we wandered around Lititz, letting Dom play a bit on the swings, getting a quick cup of coffee, basically just enjoying the fact that we didn't need to wear coats and the sun was out! We ended up having lunch at Slate Cafe which I've been dying to try since I first saw their Instagram feed. The food was delicious and I love how bright it is in there! Gotta go back for breakfast. Fact. Also let's just acknowledge every photo from the weekend is Kerri's because her phone is amazing.

Then we headed over to the Bullshead because did I mention it was so nice out?! Sitting outside and having an adult beverage are two of my favorite things. Or maybe I just really missed the sun and the heat. It really does a number for one's cold black soul doesn't it?
And then we got the bigger kids off the bus and the madness begins...