let's see who won the great deck sail debate!

I had a poll a few weeks back about what color sail we should go with on our deck and while there were a few blue people out there the majority leaned towards beige. Against Matt's wishes of course... He was anti-beige. But he is a good husband and so he agreed to give it a whirl and well, thank goodness because the wife knows best yes?

I would have liked to have shown these images with the pool open and flowers planted but I mean this weather we have been having lately has just been horrific! Cold and rainy and gray and did I mention cold? Soon to change around these parts I hear! Yay!

Next up? I ordered the chairs and hopefully one day I will be able to plant flowers... the table is built and stained and just needs a Donk to come over and help Matt move it from the garage to the deck.... Now. Mother Nature? Get on board.



  1. oh it's looking good! i cant' wait to see it in real life SO SOON. now warm weather come on!

  2. It looks so awesome!! It'll be so nice to have some good weather and spends lot of time out there I'm sure!

  3. ahhhh that will be soooo nice when it's super hot out!!! such a great idea! and love the color choice. ;) neutrals forever!


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