inner harbor

Our final day with Kerri was so cold and windy and dreary and rainy. Which just about stunk in every way imaginable. That didn't stop us from continuing on with our plans to head down to Inner Harbor on our way to drop her off at the airport though. It worked for us last year and I was a big fan of not having to drive solo on the way home...

We parked the van and then headed off to Westminster Hall where Edgar Allen Poe was laid to rest. Him and a whole bunch of other important Revolutionary individuals of note for various deeds. I know it's morbid and definitely a bit weird for me to say, but old cemeteries are pretty interesting to me. This obviously wasn't the first time I've hit up an old cemetery before...

It was obviously time for warmer pastures at this point so we headed to the actual harbor to get some food and some drinks, landing at The Cheesecake Factory. We wandered around the marketplace then, getting the kids more food and wasting some time while also trying to stay warm... After another drink at Bubba Gump it was time to take Kerri to the airport... never a happy time. A year seems just really far away doesn't it? Just ask Letty, who cried for at least 45 minutes on the way home. Until next time my Ker Bear! We miss you!
As always thanks Kerri for the photos!


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  1. SIGH NOW I'M EMOTIONAL. but really that cemetery is very cool. and i need more wine. right now. to dull the pain. send your babies my love please. FaceTime date soon

    xoxo cheshire kat


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