first hersheypark visit of the year!

Between illness and weather we just haven't gotten ourselves up to Hersheypark yet this spring and that really stinks, you know? We like to get our money's worth! Thankfully a friend of my sister's had a free ticket that would go unused and she was kind enough to give it up for Kerri! So Hersheypark it is! When we got there the line was just bananas so we thought we would go on Chocolate World first, as it's been years since Kerri last was there. 

Chocolate in hand we braved the long line to get into the park, worried about what this foretold. At least the sun was out and it was such a gorgeous day! This was also Dom's first time using his new pass as he is a big boy three year old now! Just still in diapers. Come on kid!The kids rode some rides and we wandered all over the park before deciding that the lines were starting to get out of control. Off to lunch it is!



  1. oh that last pic. woof. lol but seriously it was a fun day! hot but i'm sure you're wishing for that back now. lines oh my. hopefully they will die down by the time you return :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Letty looks so big on the “kiddie” rides :( I’ll miss HP!

  3. So fun! I haven't been to Hershey in a few years, I need to make a trip this summer!


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