easter morn

I'm finally ready to discuss our weekend. But I'm still sore about it. No mistaking that fact.

It started with me Friday night... what I thought was maybe a severe reaction to gluten that turned into something far more than that... I woke up Saturday tired and weak but feeling better and went about my day, deciding to just stay home and rest so I'd be good for Easter Sunday. But then come Saturday night Matt started in with the very same fast-moving bug and shortly after David went to bed he joined the ranks as well... That's one of my least favorite parts of parenting. Hearing the throw up coming and running to the rescue but you know you never make it in time and the mess! At least I was able to save the pile of stuffed animals and books David insists upon sleeping with. Come Sunday morning everyone seemed to be on the mend but alas.... contagious? Probably. And would Dom and Letty be next? So to be safe and not expose little kids and babies and the like we were quarantined. To my utter dismay. But I tried to make it a better day for them, even if they were so disappointed. Starting with Easter Baskets!
You'd think they would sleep in... but no. I moved Dom into my bed (Matt had been camped out downstairs all night) to just buy us some extra time but that didn't last very long... Once Letty woke down we went, leaving David to get all the rest he could. Which as it turned out wasn't much because he too joined the fun pretty soon afterwards.
The kids went through their baskets and I had to stop them from eating candy because well... PTSD is real and after what happened the night before in David's bed... Do you blame me? They played and played and then Poppop dropped off the previously stuffed eggs and also the kid's gifts from my parents! Which just about made their morning. Bouncy balls for the boys and an earring organizer for Letty? The best! The boys literally did not stop bouncing. Even if they were engaged in a movie they were still bouncing. Such a hit! Letty loved organizing all her earrings and putting only her very favorites on it. She filled that right on up! So thank you Nonna and Poppop!
And during all this I did copious amounts of laundry and bathroom disinfecting and probiotics taking... Living the holiday dream.

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