disney on ice! princesses!

Disney on Ice! This is always such a great event! The music and the dancing and the costumes! This year my parents got all the ladies in the family (Ashley tagged out and sent Rob due to a certain nursing-only type newborn situation) tickets to see this year's show.... Right on the ice. Close enough that you could smell the sweat! If you can name that movie we could be friends.


Right on the ice! Watching all our favorite princesses dance and sing! My sister and I pondering the workout regime of the female skaters... Lena and Letty and Mikayla all dressed up in their princess best! Wands in hand! We had a little snafu before the show started with Letty surprisingly losing a tooth into a fruit snack... But we rallied and moved on past embarrassment (her's) and had just the best time. This was the first year where I think Letty  might have actually appreciated the stunts because she kept wowing every time one of them was up in the air... She has been ice skating. She knows it ain't easy. The athletic prowess needed!

After the show we high-tailed it out of there for a late lunch or early dinner, pick your fancy, at Houlihans. Oh how gloriously easy it is to be out at a restaurant with only one child... especially when that one child is so close to being an eight year old!
Thanks so much to my mom and dad for treating us all to this loveliest of days! I love my ladies (and Rob) so very much!

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