an egg hunt and the rest of our day.

After the fun of the morning Matt took the kids up to our room while I went around hiding all the various eggs for the kids. Mind you, it was my children who wanted to get in their "Easter best" and not I, so I sort of toned down the boys a bit... who needs to wear Oxford's when one is having a sick day? Anyways so David requested the top floor, Letty the main floor, and poor baby of the family got the basement. I hid. They found. Then they hid them again for me in the basement while Matt napped. Hide. Find. Repeat. I just about lost it and decided to find an Easter movie or something to watch and best I could find was Rise of the Guardians. Hey the Easter Bunny is in it! And he's Australian! After only so much time in the dark basement I snapped a bit and poured myself a drink and started removing all signs of Easter from my decor because I had had it. Matt joined the land of the living and we decided that since we had no food for dinner and a Red Baron sounded really depressing and it was Easter after all that we should all go out to dinner. Everyone felt fine and dandy and it was just silliness to eat frozen food. So we headed to J.B. Dawson's as our little family of five to wrap up the day...

It wasn't the best Easter in the books.... I'd much prefer to be with my entire loud and lovely family than stuck inside my house... but I suppose it could have always been worse! And hey, we tried, right? And to top it all off my sister dropped off some yummy desserts on her way home so at least I didn't miss out on that part.... Oh the food I missed!!! Don't get me started!!! Now I'm all annoyed again... 

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  1. lol to their faces in all of these photos. and why is it so fun to look for eggs? who knows. but i wish i could still do it haha. i think going out was a smart move that night. at least something nice for you guys :)
    xoxo cheshire kat


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