a visit with the easter bunny himself

I'm not at all ready to talk about what went down over our weekend so I'll just pretend like it's last Thursday and we were all in blissful unawareness of what was to come... how's that for dramatic? But I just don't care I'm going to stomp my feet about the whole thing. Just... later. 

Anyways. The kids were off of school and so the whole lot of us headed up to Hershey's Chocolate World for our annual let's see who can cry when we visit the Easter Bunny trip! Except this time, no tears! Even the babies could have cared less about the whole situation... A big giant chocolate bunny holding you? Sounds great! We even got all seven cousins to sit happily and then each individual family which is actually a really big deal. Thanks to Nonna for purchasing the photo for us!

As always after we have the kid's pictures taken we have to ride the ride as well. Maiden voyage for two out of seven and again, no tears!
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