a taste of summer

Continuing on from yesterday's activities with Kerri.... The big kids got off the bus and instantly put on shorts and ran out back. We all just parked ourselves out there... some of us in the sun, soaking it all up while we could. Needing it. Wanting it. Taking it. After a few we packed up to head to a quick hike to an overlook. Matt's favorite! One overlook required no hiking and the other well... Just a bit. Nothing too crazy. And not to sound like a broken record here but, sun! We were actually hot! I wore shorts! This is so momentous! It requires more exclamation points!

After the hike it was back home for dinner and a fire pit and s'mores! Oh it just felt like the Summer of Yes all over again and I cannot wait for that to stay! I think we are just shy of two months away from it being a daily thing. We can do this! Let's get back to brown skin, dirty bare feet, campfire smoke, late nights and freckles galore!
And per the usual thanks for the photos Kerri!