a field trip to hershey gardens

I had the very recent pleasure of accompanying David and his class on their field trip. I guess kindergartners go to Hershey Gardens, it’s just what they do. I was in charge of three little boys all by my onesie. I hadn’t expected to be yelling at my own child as much as I had to but, man. That kid does not stay with a group!! Story of our lives though. One just thinks that its during the school day so normal school behavior applies? Not the case for David.... No, not ever.

We learned about butterflies and went into the butterfly atrium all before lunch. David’s teacher must have been having a lucky day as three butterflies landed on her. I guess they can sense her peaceful spirit or something. I say that with zero sarcasm that woman is amazing. We did happen to witness a butterfly death which was somewhat more traumatic for yours truly than the kids. The lovely black and green beauty just fell right out of the sky. Apparently their life cycle can be quite short... meanwhile I'm just thanking my lucky stars it didn't fall right on my head. I would have never recovered. And also David was so so so sad that no butterflies didn't land on him. One sort of took a pause on his back but not long enough.... Next time my boy!
After lunch it was just free explore the gardens time. Lots of running and rounding up the kids over and over. Counting heads like it’s my job. 
That bus ride home though? Oh a nap would have been just dreamy!