we went on an adventure! part i

As I mentioned last week our kids had a day and a half off school making it a lovely long weekend for us all. Teacher in-service or some such thing. And as we all know around here a day off with my kids is a day to do fun and new things! Sit around at home we cannot! Matt was able to get Friday off as well so we really put our heads together and spent many a night earlier in the week brainstorming. We finally settled on Great Wolf Lodge, just two hours away in the Poconos and hey! There was a Groupon for it! 
We booked it right on up and decided that we would attempt to surprise the kids. We have never traveled just the five of us; we are always part of a larger group of family. So this? This was all uncharted waters for us. I packed the bags while the kids were at school and we had the car loaded the second they got off the bus on their half day. We told them that we were going to go get them McDonald's which is always a way to get them moving fast. They instantly noticed their iPads in the car (reserved for longer trips normally) and we told them that daddy had to go look at something for work so we figured they could have their iPads for that. And that is how we got them to be quiet and not question why we were driving so far. 

I realize I Snapchatted this entire thing because really, it was all very exciting! My kids love water parks and they love hotels and bunk beds!? It doesn't get much better. When we arrived they saw the slides right away and David asked if they could go down them. Letty instantly reminded him that we don't have bathing suits! Is this your work dad!? Which is when we told them that nope! It's not daddy's work. We are staying here! Is this for truth?! Letty queried. When they saw the suitcase in the back and their puddle jumpers oh my... the squeals! They did ask if Nonna and Poppop were going to be there too which, sadly no. But maybe next year! The hotel gave each of them a wolf ear headband which I think they are still wearing honestly and their oh so special wristbands! Also still on them, you know, for next time.

The great thing about this place is that you have access to the water park the day you check in and then the entire day you check out. That's a lot of water park fun. Our room was ready when we got there so we were able to check out those aforementioned bunk beds and change and all that before heading off to the great unknown. Because the kids have literally no idea what they were in for.
The water park really looks so much larger and more overwhelming online, I think. I had this vision of our kids tearing off in different directions or getting lost but I was so impressed with them! They stayed together and they listened and it was actually a ton of fun for all five of us! Maybe if your expectations are so low anything is a pleasant surprise? We went down big slides and little slides... floated in the lazy river... jumped waves, oh all the waves! It was wonderfully exhausting and oh such a good time! And sorry for all the wonky picture sizes I was using an old water proof camera and it is what it is right?
 After several hours we decided to dry off and check out the hotel's other amenities and of course, eat. Unfortunately the only sit-down restaurant on site is a buffet only and it was quite pricey. So we got take out pizza for the boys, walking tacos for Letty and dad, and a burger and sweet potato fries for me. Living large this trip, I'll tell you. The hotel had bowling, laser tag, an arcade, some type of scavenger hunt (all for a fee) but when my kids heard pajama dance party that was all they wanted! So we got our pjs on and the kids danced their hearts out. Then they had a little play type thing in the lobby as well for the kids. They were so tired at this point that we called it a night, all tucked in in our various beds.... Sleeping contentedly after a day of play....
Until 1 a.m. When the fire alarm went off. We all jumped out of bed scared out of our wits and trying to throw shoes on all the kids as Dom and David are standing there screaming their lungs out.... Letty telling us it's just fake they do this at school (teaching moment for sure)... alarm going in the background... yelling all around. I did my very best Batman voice telling David to "put on your shoes!!!" to which he responded by taking his shirt off.... Nicely played young man. All this to say that when we went to leave the room they made an announcement, false alarm all. There is no emergency. Children screaming up and down the halls... babies crying. I mean. The hilarity. When I shut and relocked the door I turned around to see both boys were back in bed with their shoes on... asleep. Letty and Matt and I were not so lucky.... Each requiring our own way to calm down once more. Mine included vodka. So did Matt's... Letty, her iPad.

I mean that was annoying, yes. But I ended up laughing so hard I cried at Matt and David's antics. I did say we went on an adventure didn't I? And just wait.... more tomorrow!