the kid's easter baskets

I went with a general plan this year for the kids as far as their Easter baskets go... I mean there are just only so many toys we can have in our house right? There are toys in their rooms... toys in the playroom... toys in the basement. So I wanted to do something more along the lines of "useful" rather than just more junk. Sure there are a few junk things thrown in because well, my theme was "summer" and as "summer" has not shown her pretty face yet I wanted them to have something they could play with while they wait.

I also tried to be as equal as possible. Which I always am as far as monetary amounts go but I wanted them each to have pretty much the same thing (different colors of course my goodness heaven forbid we don't know who's is who's.). Three bunny ears, three bunny wands, three packs of bandaids, etc. So what's in these baskets? Well all things from Target of course! They got...

Bunny Ears
Sidewalk Chalk
Bubble No Spill Container
Diving Squid for the pool (got a pack of three and split it, hashtag nailed it)
Tub Paint
Bunny Slime
Shovel (again with the set of three)
Light -up Bunny Wand

Letty got an innertube for the pool and some Shopkins and Hatchimals collectible stuff she loves. The boys got an emergency vehicle, a Hot Wheel and instead of the innertube they got a handle that goes with a noodle and turns it into a sword. Will probably regret that.
They will get some candy too of course, not a ton though because let's be realistic here. I'll add some scattered Hershey kisses and the like come Easter Sunday morning.

I don't know. We shall see how this goes. There may be a mutiny on our dear friend Mr. E.B. this year. What about you all? Do you go big for baskets or just skip the entire tradition?