some thoughts on a friday

Well happy happy Friday all! Even with our midweek snow day I am really looking forward to this weekend. I'm taking Letty to see the Shrek musical our high school is putting on tonight with a few of her little lady friends and their mama's... Tomorrow is field hockey and meet her tutor day... and Sunday is Charter Day which is always a favorite. All that to say this weekend will be good. But first! Some thoughts of mine this week... While we cheers to the weekend...
This song has been on repeat these days. I have been all about this style of music because please oh please can it be summer and I be by our pool all tan and relaxed! Please!

I've been put in charge of researching excursions for our upcoming cruise this summer and while I don't like necessarily being in charge I sure do love the massive spreadsheet I've got going on! The columns. The headings. I am just such a sucker for a good comparison spread sheet.

I realize that we have been so far behind the times here but the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is just so so good! I love me some 1950's TV and she is just so funny! I've said it before and I'll say it again but I really love that decade! But me being a whole like supportive silent wife type? That wouldn't work. I'm far too vocal. Anyways, so good!

I just finished Dan Brown's Origins in like a hot minute on our snow day and I liked it of course.... his books are always such a quick read but goodness maybe I have read too many of them and I'm just on to him. I called it!

Speaking of called it we watched Get Out and while yes, okay,  I always read ahead in movies I did not read the script but the whole "I'm TSA" line I totally made up before it happened. So basically, I'm a script writer.

Our Alexa has it out for me. She ignores me and seems to listen mainly to male voices. She is giving me a complex is what I'm saying. Anyone else have this issue? Maybe I just don't talk to her enough?

Anyways... Happy weekend all! We made it!