so what’s new with you?

We have ourselves a nice long weekend coming up! The kids have a half day today and are off tomorrow so we decided to do something crazy and surprise them with an overnight trip! It's the first time we have ever actually traveled alone as a family of five. So. Pray for us.
Anyways I am just pleased as punch that February is over! One step closer to spring and flowers and sun... We have had like a day here or there where it's felt absolutely spring-like only to have it taken away. Rude.

I have been reading Capital Gaines, obviously by Chip Gaines himself. It's a pretty quick read and is leaning more towards a motivational book than I thought? But still. I love me some Gaines'. Give me all the info!

If you know me in real life than you know that I am obsessed with Letty and her reading. It's pretty  much on my mind every single day most of the day in some way or another. And if you have ears you've heard me talking about it. Sorry all. Every other aspect of school is going wonderfully except that and well those who know Letty aren't too surprised either. Her teacher is phenomenal and is really pushing for her which we are so thankful for! We have recently decided to also get her a tutor during the week to see if that can help give her some more confidence there. Fingers are crossed!

Rome had herself a pretty rare snowfall earlier this week and I just found it the most entertaining to see all the priests and nuns out playing in it. Not to mention Rome looks even more fine under a layer of white powder...

Dare I say it but David has been more pleasant to be around! He's more reasonable and rational. Sometimes his emotions get the best of him but those times aren't nearly as often as they used to be. I can really see some maturity in him since the new year. I mean after he accidentally hugged a stranger's leg the other night he only cried hysterically about it for fifteen minutes. That's a major improvement! I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I mean he really did cry like that (I thought it was Uncle Colton!!! I'm so embarrassed! Everyone was laughing at me!) but for the most part he's been such a sweet old soul. I really appreciate him these days.

My sister-in-law had a Vanessa Joy Films come in to the hospital when my one niece met my new niece and it is just the most amazing video ever! I cry every time I watch it and I wish that I had only been as smart as to think of that when I had my kids! What a memory to have!

Have we potty trained Dom yet? Moving on.... By the time he starts preschool in the fall for sure. Or by the time he's four. Totally normal right? Dude just does not care and I do not have the energy. Mom fail. I know. 

I have been back on the (mostly) healthy eating track since the new year but haven't really seen many results other than less bloat and hey, I feel better about myself! So I decided to move my extra cardio back to the evening again once the kids went to bed. I also took a note out of Sadie's book and am trying some beach body type workout things she recommended. I found some of the workouts on Pinterest and mylanta. I can barely get up the stairs afterwards. Maybe that'll give me the boost I'm looking for.

As always here are some of my new favorite Instagram accounts: Liza, Laurie (not me), Lauren,  
April, Neri, Britt and Sammi. Those last two and their tattoos! Don't worry mom and dad... nothing that crazy happening here by a landslide.... But there may be a new (small) tattoo or two coming down the pike for me in the next few months. Much to my parent's chagrin. Love you guys!

So, what's up with you all?

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