shrek! the musical!

We always go to my brother's school for our Spring musical needs, traditionally. I knew that my alma mater was going to be presenting Shrek but was sort of "eh" about it all. I have seen the Shrek movies more times than I can count and was just not all about watching a musical version. However, the theater department is no lot of fools and so they went behind my back to each elementary school and gave a little preview to all the little kiddos. So you can imagine where this is going. The kids were super excited and begged to go.... Naturally. I could be naive and assume David could handle it but we all know that was a gamble that I would be loathe to take. So just Letty and I went, with David getting a consolation prize of ice cream and an early bed time.

While waiting in line to get tickets earlier in the week we ran into some friends of ours who graciously suggested we just get tickets together so the girls could all sit and watch together. So that is just what we did. Hey, she even picked us up on show night, so I mean, service!

The girls loved the musical! Especially the ogre farts. An entire scene made up of farts is such a hit with the kids! And hey, that donkey man, he's quite funny! These productions are so much work and I cannot imagine how tired those high schoolers are after this weekend! Good for you guys!