pretending it is spring on this snowy day

Yeah yeah, another day of snow. It's March. Came in like a lion and all of that. Maybe that's why I never feel like decorating for Easter? I'm in such a funk and in dire need of vitamin d and that gorgeous sunshine. But I finally got over myself earlier this week and put it out, for the kids, you see. It's not much decor as far as I normally go but it is what it is. I thought Target's Dollar Spot might beef up my collection a bit but I was so disappointed! Was I too late to the game? 

Anyways. I'll just be over here sipping my coffee and pretending it's spring... Not looking outside and getting depressed about the ridiculous snow.
And for that last photo? You're welcome.



  1. ok i just laugh here bc your light version of decorating is my full boar attempt. you're the cutest.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. i love that you decorate for the seasons. also, i just noticed all your books are facing spine in and that gave me a wee heart attack. jk. but how do you see what you want to read? target's dollar spot has been disappointing lately, not for easter stuff exactly but just in general. it is also snowing here today. just a little bit but i'm still mad.

  3. More snow? Geez! I’m so ready for spring and brighter/warmer days. I hope you guys get a break (long break, like until next winter) from the snow soon. I love all of your spring/easter touches around the house. Reminds me that I need to shop for some new things. I barely have anything. Love the letter board!

  4. I am ready for you to get some sunshine!!


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