please oh please be our final snow day

This Wednesday, just like a great big chunk of the Mid Atlantic and New England region had ourselves a bit of a snow day. Our largest snowfall of the year if I am remembering properly. It snowed for over 12 hours straight.... which I can't remember happening in a very long time. It was just very rude for the second day of spring to involve buckets and buckets of snow... the cardinals and robins were all quite confused by it as well. But if you can't go anywhere you might as well make the most of it yes? I held the kids off until about 9:30 (you're welcome neighbors) and sent them off to the great frigid unknown with more layers than I can count... All while standing with the door wide open so I could cool myself off. Someday they will all dress themselves and I'll miss this right?

Probably not this part of it. Ha! We decided to try out the hill behind our fence and well well! It worked out just great! We spent the better part of the morning out there going down our own little hill over and over again. I cannot believe it's been four years and we have yet to try it but... there you have it.

After lunch and a dryer run we headed out front for the first of three dig outs. Matt got the snowblower and did our property plus a few neighbors while Letty shoveled and Dom brushed and David argued with the two of them that he wanted both of their tools simultaneously. The snow just kept coming at this point and we decided to do a bit more sledding before tubby time. Mom was numb and I can only handle so much of this. As gorgeous as it was!
After a long hot bath the kids got out their water colors and went to town on their own little tupperware of snow painting.

What a fun and exhausting and long day! It kind of felt like at least three days in one. But please oh please let this be the last! I can't possibly be having the kids in school past Father's Day! It wouldn't be fair!