our weekend

I always love to start our weekend off with a good tubby. Wash the dirt of school off you and just start off on the right foot. Just me? Well the kids got home from school on Friday and their daddy had this idea to do an early movie night with the family, so tubbies before dinner it was! 
We watched Ferdinand and how cute! Those German horses oh my goodness. They had me cracking up! Also funny? My nephew's most perfect little posture! He was such a good sport just laying on his mommy enjoying staring lovingly at Nonna and Pop... we should do these more often! Plus, popcorn!
Saturday morning was hockey once more but this time Nonna and Pop came to watch her play and she even scored herself a little goal during a scrimmage! That's huge! Right after hockey we ran home and changed Letty and then back out for an egg hunt! More on that later...
We headed over to my brother-in-law's house later that afternoon for some drinks and some cousin play and some delicious Mexican. I'll never have regular red onions again in all my days.
The drive home was pretty too!
And then in the most exciting of discoveries we realized we can purchase The Greatest Showman on Amazon Prime and how freaking excited were Letty and I! We put the boys to bed and cozied on up in the basement once more and it did not disappoint! We have been listening to the soundtrack for weeks so to see it play out right in front of our eyes was just the very best!
Sunday morning we went to my parent's for breakfast and David is working on "spotting signs of Spring" for school so we sent this picture to his teacher... per the assignment. And weren't we just doing this yesterday for Letty? Why yes, seems that way.
I got niece smiles. Oh how they just make my day!
After brunch we did our typical Sunday-type activities and of course watched The Greatest Showman once more.... Great tool for homework bribery, that Showman. We spent the day relaxing and getting ready for this short holiday week we have coming on up.

How was everyone else's weekends? Everyone has a short week yes?