our weekend

The happiest of Mondays to all! Not that I'm happy about it per se but I am trying. I'd give myself a solid B effort.

Our weekend started off on the right foot with a lovely lunch with a friend. I really enjoy these monthly long lunches let me tell you! Matt was even able to watch Dom for this one so that was really a bit treat!
After the kids got home our Fitz's came over for a little Saint Patrick's Day celebration. Matt made this Guinness Irish Stew that was not very pretty to look at but  was just so darn tasty. He's actually making it again today for my family. The mashed potatoes under the stew was quite the deal. See also we had beer which we rarely do, other than in the summer. But when you're celebrating this holiday beer is sort of a must right?
Of course these nights always end up in the basement with the kids playing with the Kinect. Lots of running around. And more Kinect. And apparently Christmas jammies for David.
Saturday morning was field hockey bright and early with Letty while the boys stayed home with Matt. We have quite the group of hockey moms now and ya know what? I don't hate it. I see them at Girl Scouts and at hockey and some even at church too and I like this little group Letty has become a part of! I have a feeling we will be sitting at the sides of a lot of future games together. 
After hockey and tubs all around we headed over to Fox Meadow Creamery because Matt had a hankering for ice cream. He did, not me. But I'll never say no to that! Dom fell asleep on the way home and ended up sleeping the afternoon away, guess he needed it! We spent the afternoon plotting our next little family of five getaway and we are so so excited! 
Matt made these "nachos" for dinner where instead of the nacho you use a mini bell pepper? Sneaky. Very tasty with the addition of ranch and well, cheese... Epitome of health, we are.
That husband of mine got it in his head that he and the kids would have a slumber party in the basement on Saturday night. Air mattress and all. And since I am the fun mom I said noooo to the way I'll be up in my bed getting a decent night's sleep and well, I'm sure you can imagine who was regretting it the next morning and who was saying I told you so. I am just a peach. But the kids had a wonderful time and that's what really matters now isn't it?
Sunday morning was breakfast at my parent's house... heavy on the grapefruit juice because it is just the very best. I cheated once more and had some of this french toast casserole thing even though as a general rule I do not do casseroles this one is worth the exception.
After getting all our indoor Sunday chores done and everything ready for the coming week we all headed out back to do some outdoorsy chores since it was supposed to be almost fifty degrees. Matt got a ton done and the kids got filthy but we need these Sundays full of sun. Sunny Sundays! We need more outside time in general. Spring please come please!
We put the kids to bed early last night in hopes that then we too would be able to go to bed early. See aforementioned slumber party decision...

Here's to a good week everyone!