our weekend

Oh weekends! I lament the ending of each and every one of them! Of course it never helps knowing there is a full five day week ahead of us. We have been so spoiled since the new year I feel like! Hey maybe that impending Nor Yeaster will do more locally than they are counting on? 

As I mentioned last week our weekend started off with a viewing of our school district's rendition of Shrek. The Musical. More on that you know when.
Saturday morning little miss had herself field hockey bright and early while I hung out with the other hockey moms and Matt watched the boys. He spent the remainder of the day on a project out in the garage.
We met with Letty's tutor after lunch and we really like her! I can't wait for her to get started this week and even Letty agrees! I think this will be really good for her. Saturday night we had dinner at my parent's and they did this whole bbq in March thing that I just really love. We overate and then some but it was all so delicious it cannot be helped.
Sunday (cursed Daylight Savings Time!) after the usual blah Sunday back-to-school prep we headed down to the railroad museum sine it was Charter Day. More on that you guessed when.
Once back at home Matt took to his latest project, making raised garden beds in our backyard for a future vegetable garden (two, to be exact). I put the kids in play clothes and sent them out back to assist. They came back in hours later and filthy but exhausted in the way fresh air exhausts kids.  And me? I finished up another book during this rare quiet afternoon and now need to hit up the library first thing today.
The kids went straight to their assorted tubs because my goodness my OCD was in overdrive. We had dinner and the kids wanted to watch Shrek in the basement before bed... just ending the weekend where it started I suppose....
What about you? How was your weekend?